Why water? <br/>

All this water is <br/>
the deluge <br/>
of the information age. <br/><br/>

IT uses many water-related <br/>
metaphors: streaming, blogs, <br/>
vlogs, leaks, torrents, <br/>
computers that freeze, <br/>
clouds, phishing, flow, <br/>
pools, surfing, <br/>
pirates, immersive, etc.<br/><br/>  
To get a grip on information,<br/>
I executed water-tutorials . <br/><br/>

The internet promises access <br/>
to everything ever <br/>
know to human kind. <br/>
But what does this access mean?<br/><br/>

Can I become omniscient? <br/>
Can I learn from tutorials how the system works? <br/>
Can I get instructions to make sense of it all? <br/>
Can we teach eachother how to change the world?<br/><br/>

The volume of the existing <br/>
information is overwhelming. <br/>
There is so much to know, <br/>
yet if the computer crashes, <br/>
all we can do, is watch<br/>
What is the agency of <br/>
one person in our world? <br/>
What can we do <br/>
with all this information?<br/>
What can we know?<br/>
When does data turn <br/>
into knowledge and wisdom?<br/> <br/>

By executing the tutorials, <br/>
(algorithms for persons) <br/>
I let the machine program me. <br/>
I learn what others know <br/>
about water, <br/>
I follow the flow and<br/>
materialize the information<br/> 
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