Planet Google

The Google is scanning the Earth and renders it into a map, into Google Maps. It's ambition doesn't stop there, the size is that of the planet: Google Earth.
We know this planet, it's the one we walk since the day we were born, but now we see it through the Google. And it is freaking amazing. It is beyond the wildest dreams and beyond comprehension that we have a magic window on all of this. It seems so trivial now that we use it only to show us the shortest route to the next whiskey bar, and we don't ask why. We forgot how unthinkable this was 15 years ago.
Putting the images the Google has collected through the Neural Network promises a life between the puppies in a wonderfull mushroom dream. Will we still recognize Earth when Google is done?

Thank you, Google for enabling the magic, we will tell more than we know so you can create the new world that might not be our home, but better than our homes. You know us better than we know ourselves.

Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Cut and paste collages made from digital materials. Cultural reapprorpiation is nothing to be ashamed of.

digital collage

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